Wing Needle Madness

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What’s Included

  • Includes 10 wing needle-centric designs, for the 4×4 hoop
  • Instructions for sewing the designs

Photos show the designs make up the right side of my vest on linen fabric

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If you do not have a wing needle or are afraid to use one then use a size 18 jeans needle. The effect will not be as obvious but still very pretty.

I love how a design digitized for a wing needle (WN) looks when sewn. You can’t deny its beauty. We can’t see how beautiful it is until after it is sewn. Keep this in mind when looking at WN designs in software because no software can imitate the finished design, at least not that I’m aware.

What is a Wing Needle?

A wing needle (WN) emulates pulled thread embroidery, a hand embroidery technique where the threads within the weave of the fabric is pulled over to the side and kept in place with hand stitches. A wing needle does the same thing. The wings on either side of the needle separate the threads within the weave of the fabric and the stitches hold it in place. It gives the appearance of “holes” in the fabric. But it is not holes at all.

Learn more here

I added color stops within these designs so they can be sewn in colors, as you wish.


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