WonderFil InvisaFil Specialty Thread, 2-Ply Cottonized Soft Polyester, Silk-Like Thread for Fine Sewing, 100wt – Off White, 2500m

  • THE FINEST SPECIALITY THREAD – The InvisaFil Specialty Thread is the finest thread line from WonderFil. It is a silk-like 100wt, 2-ply cottonized polyester.
  • STITCHES VIRTUALLY “DISAPPEAR” – Our ultra-fine off white embroidery thread creates super low bulk stitches and virtually “disappears”. Crafted for whenever you want to hide stitches, such as English thread paper piercing, delicate lace designs, and fine fabrics.
  • SILK LIKE BUT STRONG WITH VERY LITTLE STRETCH – Fine thread is surprisingly strong in addition to being cotton-like with negligible stretch. Enjoy the silk sewing thread like feel for stitches that are hardly noticeable.
  • WIDE VARIETY OF COLORS – Available in a wide variety of colors, from subtle to bright with matte finish. Choose a color for any occasion, you decide how much you want the thread to show (or not at all).
  • MANY DIFFERENT USES – Suggested uses include: stitch in the ditch, top and bottom thread, bottom thread for delicate machine embroidery, hand and machine appliqué, free motion quilting, stippling, English paper piecing.
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This light weight bobbin thread works beautifully making your embroidery substantially lighter weight. It allows the embroider thread to stand up off the fabric better because the top thread does not have to compete with a heavier bobbin thread for real estate. You will have less puckering around less than optimal digitized embroidery designs when it is allowed to sew with a lighter weight bobbin thread – again because lighter weight threads compete less for the same amount of real estate.  I didn’t believe it until I tried it.

It  comes in an array of colors but off white and charcoal are the main colors you really need. However, I do buy pink since I sew so much pink.

Some of the Wonderfil reps I have talked to at Quilt Market have recommended using it for fine lace. I haven’t tried this yet but can see how it  would most likely do well. The thread is silk like with a matte finish that all  but disappears onto the fabric. It is strong enough with little if any thread breakage.

It’s fine enough to use in a smaller needle than the typical Size 12 top stitch needle I normally use. This is important when sewing with  very light weight fabrics or heirloom sewing.

In other applications it practically disappears such as applique and sewing embroidery sections together.

Give it a try. I’m confident you will see the difference and like what you see or rather don’t see.

Products – all products for bobbin thread; use in top and bobbin for top stitching sections together such as HNQ designs,  ear warmers for stitching the two ends shut.


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