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Sammy – Wing Needle Sunbonnet Sam

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What makes a Sunbonnet Sam even better?

Frogs! (and a fly)

Or so my hubby said…repeatedly. I was going to have him holding a bouquet of flowers but the whining got too intense and I relented. Sigh. However, I even added a fly! And with that I introduce Susie’s beau, Sammy.

Sammy sports the same wing needle stitch work as Susie, in his hat and shirt, and in the sewout above I used the same pastel tones as I used when sewing Susie.

Frog Close up


Wing Needle Areas


Of course, this time ’round, I’m introducing Sammy’s little brother, Lil’ Sammy, at the same time. Where Sammy is sized for the 6×10 hoop, Lil’ Sammy is meant to be sewn in the 5×7 hoop. The picture below is a closeup of Lil’ Sammy, sewn without the wing needle…and the frog…because I wanted to show the stitch work as it would look if you opted not to use a wing needle on these sections. Of course, you can also use a jersey needle, if you’re so incline but there’s more on that below. As for the frog, well he’s a frog and while I digitized him – and right smartly I might add – he’s still a frog. Think I’m gonna start on the bouquet, first thing tomorrow. Just don’t tell my  hubby.

Lil' Sammy Sun Bonnet 5x7 Closeup
Lil’ Sammy Sun Bonnet 5×7 Closeup, sewn without the wing needle


  • Medium weight 100% cotton or cotton/linen blend fabric or embroidery blank – I used a table runner embroidery blank of medium weight cotton with a wide hemstitched edge. Wing Needle stitches sew best on natural fabrics where the wing part of the needle can separate the fibers of the fabric. I do not recommend polyester, acrylic, or man made fabrics.
  • Medium weight soft tear away stabilizer – I used 2 layers

  • Wing Needle – I used size 100 Schmetz.
  • OR a large jeans needle will give the same effect just not as dramatic, but still very pretty.

To find out if you can use a wing needle please visit my tutorial.

  • Top Stitch Needle – I used size 12 Schmetz
  • Machine Embroidery threads #40 weight – colors desired. I used:
    • white to match the fabric
    • pale pink, medium pink
    • light green and medium green
    • flesh and another flesh 3-4 shades darker for outlines & details
    • dark and medium brown for shoes
    • light blue for the coveralls and the bandana on his hat
    • medium blue for outlines and details on coveralls, the bandana on his hat, and the button thread
    • soft yellow for buttons and polka dots on the bandana
    • medium green for bow tie and darker green for outline and details
    • tan for brim and top of hat. Plus a darker tan for the outlines and details
    • darker tan for the crown of the hat plus a darker color for the outlines and details.
      • Jeremiah, The Bullfrog:
        • Light, medium, and dark olive
        • Brown for the warts and outlines
        • Black for the pupil

What’s Included

Sammy – Wing Needle Sun Bonnet Sam

  • 134 x 257 mm
  • Formats EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP, VP3
  • Includes PDF instructions

Lil’ Sammy – Wing Needle Sun Bonnet Sam

  • 91 x 175 mm
  • Formats EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP, VP3
  • Includes PDF instructions

I want Sammy – Wing Needle Sun Bonnet Sam!

I want Lil’ Sammy Wing Needle Sun Bonnet Sam!

“Everything you do leaves something behind; nothing gets lost. All the good you have accomplished will continue in the lives of the people you have touched. It will make a difference to someone, somewhere, sometime, and your achievements will be carried on. Everything is connected like a chain that cannot be broken.” 

― Eva Schloss, After Auschwitz: A story of heartbreak and survival by the stepsister of Anne Frank

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8 thoughts on “Sammy – Wing Needle Sunbonnet Sam

  1. Love Sammy and especially his frog; wish my grandsons were still young enough to wear him! I enjoy your website and designs very much.

    1. Thank you Penny.

  2. Love it – So precious. Will be a complete set or just singles, Laura?

    1. Thank you.
      I have another girl in the works to complete my project.
      I would love to do more of them. But they have to sell better.

  3. Hello from Texas,
    Just wanted to tell you how cute Sammy and his frog are. He did not need flowers as every boy needs to have a frog.
    I don’t know if I can do this on my embroidery machine will do this but I will find out. I have a great-
    grandson that will be born in Oct. and this would be really cute on a blanket for him.

    1. Aww! that’s sweet. Thank you Linda.

  4. Love the wingneedle effect as well as the Sunbonnets. My question is will there be a 4×4 Sammy to go with the 4×4 of Sue? Thanks in advance, Zoe

    1. I’ll look at that again. A lot of the details will be lost in a design that small, especially the frog. But I’ll look at it again.

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