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Scribbles 3 – Free Embroidery Design, to the first 500

Scribbles - Free Embroidery Designs

In appreciation for those of you who support me and my studio, here is another in a series of free embroidery designs. This design replaces the one offered before in its series and will subsequently be replaced by another in a week or so.

My Scribbles Sweater - Free Embroidery Designs - the whole thing
My Sweater embellished with my Scribbles free embroidery designs

I made these three designs some years ago and stitched them onto one of my pink sweaters. I love tone-on-tone embroidery on my garments and these designs spoke to me at the time. While rummaging through my studio looking for something, I ran across this photo I’d taken just last month. I’ve been wearing this sweater off and on for years and I still love how it turned out.

To embroider on sweaters be sure to use a medium-weight, cut-away stabilizer and a top-dressing of Aqua film/Badgemaster water-soluble stabilizer.

Scribbles - Free Embroidery Design

If you’re enamored with these freebies so much that you want to share with your fellow threadnuts – um, fabric artist –  please send your fellow enthusiast here so that they can check out the rest of my embroidery library, tutorials and inspirational stories and photographs.

As these free embroidery designs are only here for a short while, to ensure that you don’t miss out in collecting them, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter (found at the bottom of this post) or my Facebook group. Otherwise, come visit often and stay as long as you like.

Should you be inspired to craft something with these designs, please consider sharing photographs of your projects, as I’d love to see them.


2 thoughts on “Scribbles 3 – Free Embroidery Design, to the first 500

  1. Thank you for the scribble designs. I know you said they are old but that doesn’t take away from how lovely they are. Absolutely love them. Now to decide where I want to place these lovelies. Thank you again, Zoe

    1. You’re welcome.
      Thank you for the compliments.

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