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Sewing Machine LED Lighting

I wish I had her hair.

What a godsend! The addition of these lights is an amazing addition to your machine and sewing pleasure. To experience it is to believe it!

If your machine doesn’t have LED lights under the head  or not enough of them, you can easily add them with this kit. I endorse this product because I have it and it has greatly improved my visual acuity while sewing. I can clearly see what is going on on the right side of the needle.

As I have gotten older I found it more and more difficult to see clearly what I was sewing under the head of the machine. My hubby purchased one of these kits for me.

The basic kit

I was able to install it myself placing the line of lights where I needed it most.

The strip has self adhesive backing and is flexible to conform to the shape of your machines individual shape.

Simply cut the strip on the marks at the end of the length you need. It cuts easily – but use your utility scissors and not your fabric scissors!

The device that connects it all together attaches to the backside of the machine with adhesive and is out of the way of your sewing. The lights have different degrees of intensity depending upon how many times you touch it – the dimmer.

Hubby paid a premium for my lights 5 years ago but today they are affordable for most all sewers. You may want to get one for each of your machines. I just ordered one for my serger!


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2 thoughts on “Sewing Machine LED Lighting

  1. Totally agree! The LED lights make a world of difference for “old eyes.” Easily attached and adhesive also for the light switch that I installed to the rear of my machine.

    1. Yes I love how it worked out. I was afraid it would be in the way but it isn’t . I put mine all the way across the arm of the machine plus around the needle. (that part was a bit of a challenge as it isn’t meant to go there).

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