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Cottage Love Collection

Cottage Love 6-Inch

Links to each collection can be found at the bottom of this page

I’ve been holding onto this artwork for a long time but I didn’t think anyone would be interested in embroidery cottages. I decided to start making these anyway. I love them myself and am anxious to make projects with them. I have so many projects in mind for them. 

I created several hand look stitches for sewing onto heavier fabrics like fleece and wool, but incorporated them into these sew outs as well for truly original designs. These sew outs I used regular quilting cotton fabrics as well. They are full of details. I can’t stop looking at them!

There are 3 appliques in these designs – house, roof, and dormer.

Cottage Love 5×6

The 5×6 design I made in pink and green


Cottage Love 6×8

The 6×8 design I made in cream and brown

The four inch design should be available early next week.

Happy Sewing Everyone!


Cottage Love 8×11 Landscaped Design

Cottage Love 8 Inch Design

Cottage Love 8 Inch Elements

Cottage Love 6 Inch Design

Cottage Love 6 Inch Elements

Cottage Love 5 Inch Design

Cottage Love 5 Inch Elements

Cottage Love 4 Inch Design

Cottage Love 4 Inch Elements

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Lacy Heart Gifts Designs

Glorious Hearts Gifts

Lacy Heart Gifts are another in the series Lacy Hearts.

Lacy Hearts Gifts 6×10 Design

I made this purse out of black pin-wale corduroy from my stash. The lining is a surprise gift of fabric from my friend Karen. I used a two way zipping zipper in the top of the purse and two neckline zippers for the 2 front pockets. The pockets on the backside and inside do not require zippers.

I used the largest gift embroidery design on the purse.

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