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Spring Borders #10

In appreciation for those of you who support me and my studio, here is another in a series of free embroidery designs – free to the first 500 visitors.

This design replaces the one offered before in its series and will subsequently be replaced by another in a week or so.  If you’re enamored with these freebies so much that you want to share with your fellow threadnuts – um, fabric artist –  please send your fellow enthusiast here so that they can check out the rest of my embroidery library, tutorials and inspirational stories and photographs.

If you like these freebies and want to make sure you get the rest of the collection, moving forward, consider signing up for my newsletter or Facebook group. Otherwise, come visit often and stay as long as you like.

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Extraordinary Damask Machine Embroidery Series

~~ Links to purchase Extraordinary Damask is at the bottom of this page ~~

This series started with the center design artwork. I love the design but it needed more. Adding pretty rings around it (wreaths) was an easy thought but nearly drove me nuts digitizing the green one – smiles. Then of course I had to make it into something that could be used as a quilt or pillow block. The lattice background and french knots are a favorite finish.

I say Extraordinary because like these designs, damask fabric looks different depending on which way you look at it. Dark areas appear when turned one way but are light when turned another way when other areas turn dark. Yet all the thread came off the same spool. It’s an extraordinary characteristic of damask fabric and machine embroidery thread.

For best view of the Extraordinary Damask Designs view my videos

(Tone on Tone) video(s)
(Pink/Green/White) video(s).
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Trapunto Poppies

Trapunto Poppies No. 1

Trapunto has been around for eons. It is no less beautiful today as it was years ago. It took painstaking time and dexterity to make trapunto. Today with the invention of embroidery machines we can make trapunto in just a few minutes. Even better is the more recent quilt battings made for trapunto. No more trimming excess batting from outside the main design in a block. Just flatten out everything around it and it ‘poofs’. Voila’!


Available in 3 sizes – 4×4, 6×6, and 8×8

Buy 2 Get the 3rd one FREE

This is how it works – After you’ve added two of the three sizes of Poppies to your cart, click VIEW CART. Scroll down to select the other size Poppy as a free gift.

Offer Ends Midnight Tuesday July 9, 2019 DST (Houston, Texas, USA)

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‘We Ride Together’ Tandem Bike

Bicycle, Tandem, Bike,Tandem Bike, machine embroidery, machine embroidery bike, machine embroidery tandem bike, 6x10, 8x11.

This sew out will be part of a quilted project…so stay tuned!

My husband is an avid biker. I enjoy it in cooler weather but not a regular biker. We have always talked about getting a tandem bike. We learned in our biking together on separate bikes that we can’t hear each other talking, I can’t keep up with him, and he doesn’t get any exercise when biking with me.

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Little Susie Wing Needle Sunbonnet Sue 5×7

Wing Needle Sunbonnet Sue, Susie, machine embroidery

“Wake up little Susie, wake up”

~~~ A link to purchase ‘LIttle’ Susie 5×7 is at the bottom of this page ~~~

I’ve been hanging onto this idea for a long time. I don’t know  why it has taken me so long to make one. Maybe hearing people say they are sick of them. There are a lot of them available. But I still like them and wanted to make this one not so much for quilting but dressing her up a bit with specialty stitches. From the response to Susie I made Little Susie for folks who want Susie but cannot sew a design that large.

I make many of my own stitches. In this case the wing needle stitches, the eyelets, and the woven fill on her hat.

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