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This is a collection of decorative blocks that are easy to sew and have a lot of EYE CANDY details. To see their true beauty, sew them. How does that song go? “Ain’t nothing like the real thing”? Use these for quilt blocks, pillows, runners, table quilts, purses, and such.

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Trapunto Poppies

Trapunto Poppies No. 1

Trapunto has been around for eons. It is no less beautiful today as it was years ago. It took painstaking time and dexterity to make trapunto. Today with the invention of embroidery machines we can make trapunto in just a few minutes. Even better is the more recent quilt battings made for trapunto. No more trimming excess batting from outside the main design in a block. Just flatten out everything around it and it ‘poofs’. Voila’!


Available in 3 sizes – 4×4, 6×6, and 8×8

Buy 2 Get the 3rd one FREE

This is how it works – After you’ve added two of the three sizes of Poppies to your cart, click VIEW CART. Scroll down to select the other size Poppy as a free gift.

Offer Ends Midnight Tuesday July 9, 2019 DST (Houston, Texas, USA)

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