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The Leash

A friend adopted a dog from Iraq. When she first got her, it was impossible to keep her on a leash or in a harness.

She pulled my friend so hard she had to run to keep up. In the long run she couldn’t keep up. Altho this design looks mostly like a man and this dog doesn’t look like ‘desert dog’, this is how I envisioned it happening. 

My friend tells me ‘You have no idea how true this depiction is. I called her Damned Dog more than a few times, before she became Desert Dog. Almost 17 months later, she still has moments of spontaneous eruptions of enthusiasm’.

This design fits the 6×10 inches long hoop. Also included, the design split into 2 parts for 5×7 inch hoops. Instructions included.

‘The Leash!’

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  1. Thank you for planting a smile on me this morning. I used to have a dog and could relate to this. I now have 2 cats who don’t go for walks.

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