I have written several tutorials over the years for your convenience and general information regarding many topics whether machine embroidery, quilting, or general sewing. They are not only good educational resource but help you determine whether or not you feel you can do what is needed to make a project with some of my designs.

Wing Needles

A bit of education about wing needles is needed for someone who sells wing needle embroidery designs.

Wing Needle

Stand Alone Frames

Making stand alone frames with a sewing machine requires some teaching.

Lacy Hearts Frame

It is my hope you are benefiting from my offerings.


Adult Bib Project (Pattern & Instructions)

Apron Pocket - Personal Canvas

How To Use a Wing Needle

Embroidery Frames

Fleece Throw

How to Make an Heirloom Guest Towel

Machine Embroidery Fringe, Using Water-Soluble Thread

Machine Embroidery Fringe, Without Water-Soluble Thread

Millimeters to Inches

My First Light Box!

Placement Method for Multi-Hoop Designs

Walker Bag Project