Adult Bib Project (Pattern & Instructions)

This is an adult bib pattern (pdf) that you may print on 8.5×11 inch sheets of paper and assemble. There are no ties to fumble with, if you’re little arthritic, but there a generous pockets at the bottom to help keep it all neat. Just slip the generous opening over your head and away you go. I originally created this pattern several years ago to make bibs to give to my patients. Over the years, I’v made quite a few. What’s more, I’ve learned that there’s always need and those who receive them get a lot of mileage out of them. You have a family member, friend or neighbor who might be bedridden, a little shaky-handed or, like me, just a hardy eater with poor aim, then this is a must-do project. I still make one or two these every year or so, just for myself – either because I’ve worn out the old ones or want to update my fashion statement.

Of course, I only show you the way. As is always the case, the journey is yours. So make them as plain, fashionable or fanciful as you desire or the occasion dictates, firm in the knowledge that it may be laundered frequently.

I hope that you find this pattern project helpful for you or someone you love. If you’d like to share your story, I’d love to hear it.


6 thoughts on “Adult Bib Project (Pattern & Instructions)

  1. My church circle will be making these for nursing home residents. Thank you for the pattern.

    1. You’re welcome Carol. I know they will be appreciated.

  2. Hello Laura ! I have been a customer with you for many years and have always loved your designs. This aprn pattern is so helpful. I wil be using it to make.:
    “Fidget” atoms for those with Dementia and alzheimers. I want to thank you for sharing this super simple and detailed.pattern. it will keep many hands busy goingforward.

    1. You’re very welcome Wilma. Thank you for making them. I hope it is helpful for them.

  3. I can,t find the download for the pattern

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