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Vintage Ballerina Bunnies

Available in 6 inch, 8 inch, or both (at a discount)

~~~Links to purchase these designs are at the bottom of this page ~~~


I  couldn’t resist this artwork. Who can resist adorable bunnies.

Here he is  adoring his beloved!

The eyes have it!

This set comes with the individual components in 6 or 8 inch sizes, plus includes the scene with all components to fit the 6×10 hoop or using the larger designs in the 8×11 hoop.

























These two designs come in 2 different sizes with both collections.









Scene made with 6 inch designs to fit the 6×10 hoop

Scene made with 8 inch designs to fit the 8×11 hoop

Create your own scene using the individual components.

~~~Links to purchase these designs below ~~~

I want 6 inch designs – On Sale

I want 8 inch designs – On Sale

I want EVERYTHING!  – On Sale

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