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Vintage Sister Bunnies

~~~Link to purchase this collection  is at the bottom of this page ~~~

These designs coordinate with Vintage Ballerina Bunnies. Included in this collection are large designs and small designs, including the 8×11 scene. A total of 11 designs – each in 2 sizes except the 8×11 scene is one size. 

Designs are of a Big sister and a Little sister, each with their pots of tulips. Little sister is floating away holding her EASTER balloons.

Of course Big sister is too mature for such childish frivolities. She instead sits perched on a glass and white wrought iron bench, legs crossed, posed for any potential male bunnies to vie for her approval.

This collection includes all sizes of the designs, from 2.5 inches to 8×11 inches.

8×11 is  the largest design I can sew. I don’t sell what I don’t sew.

The 8×11 scene.

I added an additional sale to the coordinating collections Vintage Ballerina Bunnies  50% to 60% off

Happy Shopping!

YES! I want Vintage Sister Bunnies 30% OFF

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