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Wing Needle Petals

 ~ ~ Links to purchase ‘Wing Needle Petals’ is at the bottom of this page ~ ~

If you have been following me very long you know I love wing needle designs. I create my wing needle stitches from scratch.

For my love of all things wing needle these are simply petals filled with wing needle stitching.

Available in 4 inch, 5 inch, and of course an ‘I want it all – collection’ at a 29% discount

I sewed mine (the pink and green ones) on the corners of white dinner napkins.

My friend Dee sewed the purple on off white. 

Wing Needle 4 Inch!

Wing Needle 5 Inch!

I want it all – Wing Needle Collection!

29% off

2 thoughts on “Wing Needle Petals

  1. I love the designs on this website

    1. thank you Lizbeth

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